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About Nadaun

Nadaun is a small town, city as well as the Nagar Panchayat, which is located on the foothills of the Shivalik range, exactly on the western border of the Hamirpur district, which is just 23 kms away from the Headquarters of Himachal Pradesh, with an elevation of 478 m.

The language spoken here in Nadaun is hindi, and it is 42 kms east from Kangra located on the banks of the Beas. This town has a tiny Gurdwara overlooks the waters of the Beas, and the Gurdwara was constructed in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh's victory at the time of Nadaun battle.

History of Nadaun

Alif Khan (the Mughal commander-in-chief), who arrive to Nadaun to collect the debt of tribute by the Rajas hill in the year 1687, and it was said that, Alif Khan came through the Viceroy of Jammu.

History of Nadaun

However, Alif Khan was defeated by Shree Guru Gobind Singh and his men; then, after the fight, the Guru had returned back to Nadaun and stayed on the banks of the River Beas for about 8 days.

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Geography and Climate of Nadaun

Nadaun, a city of Hamirpur district, at an average altitude of 508 metres, which is approximately 1666 feet. This city  includes the river called River Beas, which flows over this small city.
There is even cold climate in summer too; and the Nadaun summer has the highest day temperature (i.e, 8 °C to 29 °C). The city contains 450 villages as well as 59 Panchayats, and the total population of Nadaun is found to be 91,410. Among which, Males are 43,327; and Females are counted as 48,083. While, there are total of 4,405 persons who reside in town and in the Rural, there are 87,005.

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Economy of Nadaun

Economy in Nadaun

The economy of Nadaun basically depends upon the 3 kind of sources such as the Business, Government Jobs and Agriculture. However, there are also 'Silk Farms' in Nadaun that is added to the economy of Nadaun; even fishing in the Beas River has also become the part of the region's economy. While, most of the Sub-division of the Nadaun's Villages depends on the Agriculture to gain high income.

Nadaun city has its own business community (includes small to large scale business), and is sometimes called as 'Nadaun Bazaar'. One of the main businesses in Nadaun is Grocery; also, the city's economy is based upon the businesses like the clothing shops, furniture and jewellery shops,etc. also tiles and textile industries, as well.

The economy is not only related to the town or tehsil of Nadaun, but it also includes the villages in the Nadaun like Malankar Village, Chaukathi, and so on... While, the Meena Bazaar is a most popular market near Malankar Village.

Tourism in Nadaun

Nadaun is a beautiful town, that has become favorite of the tourists as they can enjoy every bit of time at this single spot. Some of the destinations in Nadaun include Amtar-Nadaun Fort, Bil-kaleshwar Temple, Peer-Sahib Grave, Gurudwara Sahib and so on.

Shri Gurudwara Sahib

Tourists can visit 'Shri Gurudwara Sahib', a holy spot (Pilgrim center) of Sikhs, which is situated over the boundaries of the River Beas.

Bil-Kaleshwar Temple
Tourists who wish to travel Nadaun, must also visit the Bil-Kaleshwar Temple (Temple of Lord Shiva), which was constructed by the ‘Pandavas’ (Dharmaraja, Bhishma, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadev -- 5 brothers mentioned in the epic 'Mahabharata'). Many devotees visit this temple every year to get blessings.

Amtar-Nadaun Fort

Amtar-Nadaun Fort is another attractive spot where travelers can watch the ancient paintings of the  royal heritage of the King "Sansar Chand Maharaj" of Katoch Dynasty.

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How to Reach Nadaun

Nadaun is well-connected to other places through Airport, train as well as through buses.

By Air: There is actually no airport in Nadaun. So, instead of Nadaun you can get flight to Gaggal Airport on daily basis.

By Train: There are no regular trains to Nadaun. Tourists have to visit the nearest train station called 'Amb Andaura'.

By Bus:
Nadaun is also very well connected to other major cities in India. Because of many buses, your will get buses daily.

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