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Tourism in Nadaun

Nadaun is one among the excellent locations in Himachal Pradesh. It is known as the Tehsil, as well as the town and city too. This place has both religious and historical importance, where Gurudwara as well as Temples, Bridges and Fort, and so on are established.

This is such as religious place, where the temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Mahadev temples are found. The main attraction of this Lord Shiva or Sada Shiv Temple is that the Shiv Linga installed in this temple grows every year (equal to 1 grain of rice).

The other religious spot that belongs to Sikhs is the 'Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi' which became famous due to the visit of 'Guru Gobind Singh'. Hence, Nadaun is a favorite place of people who perform evening walk at the Nadaun Bridge.

Tourist Attractions in Nadaun

Below are the 5 best tourist attractions located in Nadaun, which are worth to visit.

Nadaun Bridge

Nadaun Bridge and River Beas are the very famous attractions in Nadaun, which are co-related to each other; and this Nadaun bridge separates the district of the Hamirpur from the district of Kangra. Nadaun Bridge lies above the River Beas and is considered as the best tourist attraction. The bridge provides the different River views especially during the sunset. That means one can enjoy the amazing beauty of the Beas River standing on the Nadaun Bridge.

Tourism in Nadaun

There are also tiny wooden boats which are still used here as a means of transport. Also, these tourists can use such boats for the sake of cruising in the Beas River. Riding in these boats as well as Mahaseer fishing is a great pleasure and exciting for the tourists at this River Beas.

Bil-Kaleshwar Temple in Nadaun

Bil-Kaleshwar Temple is quite an old religious spot situated at the Sujanpur Road in Nadaun. This is a temple of 400 years old, which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva (Hindu God). This temple was constructed by the ‘Pandavas’ (5 Strong Men supported by Lord Krishna, as per the Indian epic Mahabharatha). It is said that, the temple has been built by another Hindu Lord known as the 'Vishva Karma', who is professional in Constructing or Creating the Divine Buildings like the Lord Shiva Shrine, and the construction of this temple was done during the night.

The Pandavas left this temple construction incomplete; later which, the King of the Katoch Dynasty completed this construction work. This fair is held between the months of May and June; while, the Devotees from other country visit this destination to participate in the fair and offer Prayers to the Shiva Lingam.

Bil-Kaleshwar Temple is a holy place which is located at the adjoining of the River Beas and Kunah Khad. The people who are not able to visit Haridwar, arrive this place to dip in the holy river.

Peer-Saheb Grave

Peer-Saheb Grave, is another holy place which is situated in Bharmoti Village, a very important tourist spot in Nadaun. According to folklore, there was a saint called 'Sai Fazal Shah', a very popular saint who has left several amazing things during his life time, due to which he became so popular.

If you visit this place, you can also see a nice grave, which was constructed by a king of the Katoch Dynasty known as Sansar Chand. Even, he was astonished knowing the power of the great saint Sai Fazal Shah. According to Hindu calendar, during the 2nd week of February. While, there is also a huge Bhandara, where food is distributed to the people, in his honor. Even a wrestling competition is conducted here.

Amtar-Nadaun Fort

Nadaun Tourist Place

Amtar-Nadaun Fort is another popular tourist spot which can be seen on the top of a hill in Nadaun. This fort has a few old paintings that denotes the royal heritage of the Katoch Dynasty which was ruled by the 'Maharaja Sansar Chand'. This fort is bit decomposed and above to collapse but still tourists from all over India and abroad visit this place. Do not miss to visit this beautiful place.

Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi in Nadaun

Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi is a beautiful holy shrine located near to the River Beas, and is surrounded by several trees adding beauty to the Gurudwara. If you visit this shrine, you will see the arc shaped doors on all sides of the Gurudwaras, as well as the dome on the top.

This Gurudwara is built as the thanksgiving to the Guru Gobind Singhji who helped Bhim Chand in the battle against Alif Khan. Earlier it was known as the 'Gurudwara Nadaun Sahib', later it was named as the Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Cricket Stadium in Nadaun

Atal Bihari  Vajpayee Cricket Stadium is the best stadium that is situated near to the Palace that belongs to the King Sansar Chand, who has provided all the facilities like fishing, rafting, etc. at the River Beas. This Cricket Stadium is very close to the River Beas.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Cricket Stadium

Above mentioned attractions are the best tourist destination in the Nadaun Tehsil, which are absolutely worth visiting.

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