Weekend Getaways from Nadaun

Nadaun is an amazing city which not only attracts people through its own beauty, but also through the surrounding places that have excellent spots. If you want to have a beautiful weekend, you can visit some of the beautiful attractions nearby Nadaun, which has many temples, palace as well as waterfalls, Lakes and forts, etc. A short trip to these exciting spots not just gives you fun, but, also gives good refreshment to your body and mind.

Weekend Escapes near Nadaun

List of weekend escapes from Nadaun have been listed below:

Shoja from Nadaun

The Serolsar Lake, Budhi Nagin Temple, Waterfall Point, Raghupur Fort, etc. are found to be some of the Shoja popular spots, which creates attention of many tourists. Know more about these popular spots located in and and around Shoja below-

Serolsar Lake in Shoja

 Best Tourist place in Nadaun

Serolsar lake is one of the best tourist spot, where people from nearby places drive here for picnic. This lake is situated near to the Jalori Pass which is just 5 kms from the lake.

Budhi Nagin Temple
'Budhi Nagin' temple is another famous tourist spot located at Shoja; and Budhi Nagin is the name of the Goddess who has 100 sons. And people believe that She is the only protector of the place. Hence, this place is good for the Spiritual tourists, who wants to take blessings from the Goddess.

Waterfall Point
The Waterfall Point is the next popular attraction, which is just 1 Km away from Shoja. You should not miss this spot if you really want to enjoy in Shoja. It surely becomes a memorable day for the tourists who visit this Waterfall Point. You will be amazed to see some of the local people who walk or jog here in the morning; while, some people come here for the sake of water, as the water from these falls, are said to be very sweet and chill.

Best Time to Visit
Though Shoja has moderate climate over the years, you can visit this place during the summer weekends.

Naggar from Nadaun

There are plenty of sightseeing spots in Naggar; among which, the most famous places are 'Naggar Castle' (500 years old building, now turned to a heritage hotel -- a beautiful riverside Beas view) and Jagatipatt.

Nicholas Reorich Art Gallery

 Nicholas Reorich Art Gallery

This Nicholas Reorich Art Gallary is one of the best Naggar attractions, which is famous for the paintings made by the Russian artist and his father 'Nicholas Rolerich', who was a great artist. Nicholas Rolerich Art Gallery got its name through this artist Nicholas Rolerich.

Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery

Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery is loved by those Tourists, who love to spend some time in a peaceful environment, which is situated on the left side bank of the River Beas. This Monastery was said to be inaugurated by the holy Dalai Lama in the year 2005.

There are several temples at Naggar, and the most popular temples include -- the Chamunda Bhagwati Temple, as well as the Tripura Sundari Temple, and the Muralidhar Temple are the most important holy places, which have become famous due to their  architectural styles.

Other Places
Naggar is also a well-known for certain places, where adventurous activities are conducted. It can be fishing, or trekking, or the river rafting. If you love Fishing, you can go for angling in the Beas River. In case, you are Trekking enthusiast, you can move to Chanderkhani pass, as well as the Pin Parvati and Jalori pass of Himalaya's foothills.

Beat Time to Visit

Naggar is a beautiful destination, which is best to visit during both summer and winter. 

Kasauli from Nadaun

Kasauli is a famous hill station of the Solan district in Himachal Pradesh, and is mentioned in the great Indian epics, the Ramayana. As per the mythology, the Lord Hanuman, stepped upon his place when He comes back with the Sanjeevani Hill. The main attractions of Kasauli are -- the Baba Balak Nath Temple, Christ Church, Gurkha Fort, the Monkey Point, and Kasauli Brewery.

Best time to visit Kasauli

Due to its all time favorable climatic conditions, one can visit this hill station anytime throughout the year.

Jubbal from Nadaun

Jubbal Palace

Jubbal is a one of the beautiful regions, which is surrounded by thick forests consists of the fresh green apple orchards that attracts many tourists.You can also find many tourist attractions like the popular Jubbal Palace and the Chandra Nahan Lake, also called as the originating point of the River Pabbar, that provides the visitors, a great opportunity for fishing. Apart from this, tourists can stay in an exclusive Large Restaurants and Lodges which are mostly named as 'Palace' here, because of the great look.

Best Time to Visit Jubbal

Springs and Winter are found as the best time to visit.

Choor Chandni Peak from Nadaun

Choor Chandni Peak is considered as one among the important tourist attractions, whose area is covered by the pine trees to add beauty to the Choor Chandni Peak. Choor chandni means 'Moonlight', which is a wonderful peak of the Choordhar Hills.

When the moonlight falls on the peak at night, it looks like as though the silver bangles are flowing down from the slope. While, the peak includes the Sutlej River, as well as the Gangetic plains, the Badrinath, also the other prominent spots like Chakrata Peak can be visited. Even, one can visit tourist attractions at Barog including the Vishal Shiva Temple, Dagshai, and Dolanji Bon Monastery.

Best Time to Visit Choor Chandni Peak
Best time to visit Choor Chandni Peak is during the month of May, and it is very pleasant.

These are some of the very attractive tourists spots which are very close to the town of Nadaun that  gives complete relaxation and more fun.

Shiva Temple of Una from Nadaun

The Shiv Temple lies in the city, which is just 35 Kms away from the Nadaun, and the main attraction of this temple is the ‘Shiv Lingam’. This Shiv Lingam is installed in this Shiv Temple and is 'Swayambu' (self-formed). People believe that, the temple had been created since the age of the Lord Ram. It is said that, during his time (Tretrayuga), he had visited this place. This Shiv Temple is wrapped by the thick natural forest, and the panorama of the Himalayas and other places in this region are breathtaking. This place is so cool, beautiful and peaceful that, it is worth visiting.

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